Products Prices and Terms


Content Managed Websites.

  • unique web design,
  • our in-house CMS system
  • news page
  • contact form  
  • self generating Google Sitemap
  • submission to Google
  • 6 months support via email
  • mobile responsive


From £375


Entry Level Online Stores.

  • as above plus... 
  • updatable catalogue of products
  • our in-house shopping cart
  • payment gateway (PayPal)
  • upto 1/2 day populating site with products and categories
  • an hours additional tuition if required


From £750


Other services.

Logo design From £50

Squeeze (A single page website) pages From £150

Misc website maintenance tasks £25 per hour

SEO REVIEW and BOOST for new websites £250


Java/Delphi/C programming work from £135 per day (trade)

PHP/Web Programming/Web Design from £135 per day (trade)

*A day being 7 hours usually between 9-5 with an hour for lunch

PHP/Web Programming/Web Design from £40 per hour (trade/public)

For a POS system please contact POS via their website and quote Jezebel Design



Payment is required within 14 days of invoice date unless otherwise stated. Late payment fee may be charged in accordance with government recommendations based on the Bank of England rates.

If you purchase a website or program from us on behalf of someone else payment is due immediately regardless of when you receive payment from your client.

Jezebel Design licence software and do not sell the rights to software unless otherwise stated.

Reuse, modification or resale of our source code is strictly prohibuted unless agreed in writing.

Reuse, modification or resale of our websites/web applications is strictly prohibited unless agreed in writing. 

A 25% deposit is required before work can begin. (Does not include producing mock-ups)

Sites hosted through Jezebel Design as a reseller will renew automatically, please give 2 weeks notice.

Hosting limits are 200MB by default, exceeding this limit may incure a £2 per 100MB additional charge.

Hosting invoices that remain unpaid after 30 days will recieve a final reminder.

Hosting invoices that remain unpaid after 40 days will be suspended with no responsibility taken for any loss of income.

Rates charged/quoted for hosting are exclusively for websites created by us. If you wish to change your website to a third party created website or self created website you will need to arrange your own hosting and be aware that no portion of your existing hosting with us will be refunded.

Small adhoc work on existing sites will be added together and invoiced periodically.

Due to the ever changing nature of web development no responsibility can be taken for sites ceasing to function correctly after initially being accepted as completed, although we will try to sort any issues out ASAP during the supported period.

Web client licences expire after 1 year, renewal is at £50 per year per web client.


Fully bespoke websites 

We specialise in one-off sites,that is,
sites programmed from scratch.

So if you have a new idea for a site
please let us know and we will see
what we can do for you. 

Please contact us for a quote.